Assessment 3 – Documentary Project


An individual or small-group based documentary project for installation, screen or web multimedia, or other format as negotiated.

The work must engage with issues of documentary politics and aesthetics raised during the course of the session.

All projects must be approved by the tutor prior to proceeding.

Due Date:
Week 15: Tuesday 10 November

Range of formats as described above.

The specific format for individual projects must be approved by the tutor.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Strength of the concept
  • Critical response both to the subject and to relevant documentary traditions
  • Technical resolution

Submission Method:
Varied – see above. Again, must be negotiated with the tutor.

Marked out of 100 – 50% of total grade for this subject

Must Attempt:
Yes – you will not pass this subject if you do not complete this assessment task.

A few examples from 2012 students:

The Chaplain, by Josh Charles

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