Assessment 1 – Critical Reflection Online Journal

Students keep a weekly online journal, starting in week 1, critically reflecting on both the material watched in class and the assigned readings.

You should build on the discussions which take place in class, as well as reflect on your own experiences in the weekly workshop sessions.

You are required to write approx 300 words per week, and you should include a 300 word critical reflection on your own process as your final entry.

You should thus be handing in a total of 5 blog entries (minimum).

Your blog entries should be based on your own experience – but you should also refer to secondary sources (books, articles, websites, videos etc) and reference these in an accessible way within your blog entries (using hyperlinks or academic referencing as appropriate).

As a guide – you should reflect on some of the following key terms in your blog entries: representation, truth, ethics, editing, structure, narrative, fiction, journalism, construction, acting, sound, Cinéma vérité…

As this is an online journal (not an essay), students are encouraged to use their blogging process to ask structured questions and probe at areas which they are unclear of.

This will then provide the basis for discussion in class, which ideally will create the opportunity to answer these questions, and generate new ones.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in discussion online via the blog by posting comments to the blog posts of others. You can reflect on this discussion process also in your own final blog post.

Assessment will be based on commitment to the process, as well as on demonstration of progress and learning through the online journal.

Due Date:
Week 5: Tuesday 25 August at the start of the workshop

Series of posts to your personal blog

Assessment Criteria:

  • Ability to reflect on your own experiences
  • Additional Background research to deepen your understanding
  • Critical analysis and contribution to discussion
  • Written Expression
  • Progress made over the 5 weeks of the assignment

Must Attempt:
Yes. You will not pass the subject if you do not complete this assessment task.

Submission Method:
Personal blog posts linked to the subject blog at

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