Assessment 2 – Documentary Process Journal

During the course of producing the Documentary Project students are expected to keep a detailed process journal that documents the development of the documentary itself, as well as its conceptual underpinnings and aesthetic choices.

Journal entries are posted to the subject blog.

A minimum of one blog post per week is required between week 5 and week 15. Blog posts should contain relevant links, images and videos – of both your own project in process, and the research you are working on to deepen your understanding of the context you’re working within.

A final reflection blog post should be made which documents and reflects on the completed work.

Students should continue with the process of critical reflection begun in the first assignment. This should be seen as the basis for improving the students’ own creative work.

Reference should be made widely, to other documentary projects, as well as to theoretical or practical readings around the subject, as relevant to the students’ own project.

Marked out of 100 – 30% of total subject grade

Due Date:
Weekly, throughout the session, but final entries must be completed by Week 15: Tuesday 10 November

Series of posts to your personal blog

Assessment Criteria:

  • Investigation of relevant documentary traditions
  • Critical discussion of the documentary concept, stylistic features and production process
  • Regular updates (consistent work)
  • Competent integration of media in blog as relevant to project

Must Attempt:
Yes. You will not pass the subject if you do not complete this assessment task.

Submission Method:
Personal blog posts linked to the subject blog at

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