Week 11 – Structuring the Documentary & The Sweetest Sound

Alan Berliner filming his father
Alan Berliner filming his father

This week I’d like to spend some time thinking about how we might go about structuring our films, which in the case of┬ádocumentaries, takes place largely in the edit.

1. Class Discussion:
What’s the best way to structure a documentary?
How will you structure your documentary?

2. Finding the Structure:
A discussion around one way of finding a structure for your documentary using a 3 pronged approach:

(i) The Paper Edit
(ii) Asking questions
(iii) Collecting B-Roll

3. Interviews from last week:
Please link your interviews from last week to your blog so we can watch.

4. Project update:
Please update the class on the progress of your project. This week I’d like us to make an effort to share with the class where your project is at. If you have any rushes/footage to show, any difficulties, anything you’re happy with etc.

5. Project Submission:
Today I’d like to confirm with all of you the final submission method for your projects.

6. Class Screening – The Sweetest Sound (2001) by Alan Berliner
We watched the first 5 minutes of this last week. This week we finish it off.

7. Class Discussion:
Thoughts about The Sweetest Sound?
What mode was it in?
What other techniques did the filmmaker use?

8. Homework:
Continue your journal entries for assignment 2. This week take some time to plan out the final stage of your project. Work back from the due date and make a list of all the things you need to complete and then schedule them in. Make sure you leave enough time to complete your editing and any uploading etc.

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