Week 6 – Project Pitch and the Essay Film

This week we move to the next stage of this subject where we start to focus more on our own documentaries. But first a few screenings…..

1. Screening #1

A screening of each groups ‘Nature on Campus’ part 2 documentaries.

2. Screening #2
La Morte Rouge (2006) by Victor Erice

3. Class Discussion

  • La Morte Rouge belongs to the tradition known as the ‘Essay Film’. Why might this be so?
  • Does it fit into any of the other ‘modes’ of documentary we have looked at so far?

4. Activity – Getting started on major project
Each student to bring up the subject blog, read the assessment guidelines.

Take 5 to 10 minutes to write a blog entry with any fragments or scraps that you think are relevant to your project:

  • what kind of ‘mode’ would you like to work in?
  • what size of group?
  • what sort of topic would you like to work on?

Speed Dating – Assigning groups to work together:
A ‘speed dating’ exercise where each person has 2 minutes to ‘pitch’ the idea for their major project.

At the end, people group themselves together to decide on who they want to work with – one person from each group to post the groups on the blog.

5. Activity:
[if any time left] – individuals or group to produce a 1.5 minute doco in which the idea is pitched – using whatever mode necessary to best portray the idea – upload to web tagging it “week 6”

6. Homework
Continue your documentary process journal. Update it with the latest information: topic, plans, your role, research etc.

Read the following online article on the Essay Film:
The Essay Film: Problems, Definitions, Textual Commitments

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